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Outdoor activities are a way of life, and music is an indispensable part of our lives. In a country that loves outdoor and pursues quality, we bring a brand new outdoor product - outdoor music color changing polarized sunglasses, which perfectly integrate music with outdoor activities.

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What are the main functions of this product?

Our product is an outdoor music color changing polarized sunglasses, which combines sunglasses, music playback, and safe riding functions. It allows you to maintain safe cycling while enjoying the fun of music during outdoor activities, and also has an all-weather color changing lens function, suitable for use under different lighting conditions.

How is the sound quality of this product?

Our products have 14 years of tuning experience and possess HIFI sound quality, bringing you high-quality music enjoyment. The external sound design allows you to better perceive the surrounding environment and road conditions, improving cycling safety.

How is the after-sales service of this product?

We provide warranty services, no reason return and exchange services, as well as accessories and repair services to ensure your shopping experience. Our after-sales team will provide you with timely and professional support.

How to purchase this product?

You can purchase directly on our official website or through our authorized dealer channels. Please refer to our purchase page for details.

How to contact customer service for assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact our customer service team through the following methods:
Phone:+86 18027017071